Other Recycling Programs

Disposal of Paint
Latex Paint: Remove the lids from the paint containers and soak up all paint residue with shredded newspaper or kitty litter. When all liquid is soaked up and becomes a solid mass, you can replace the lids on the container. You can dispose of the cans in a trash bag and place it out with your regular trash.

Enamel Paint: This kind of paint is considered hazardous waste. See information on how to properly dispose hazardous waste materials.
Paint Cans

Sandbag Disposal

Reuse: Sandbags may be used as clean fill material for things like flower beds or a base for paving blocks, so long as they are covered with a layer of soil or other structural materials to a depth of at least 12 inches.

Don't use the sand from used sandbags to fill children's sandboxes or play grounds as bacteria in used sandbags can be harmful to children.

The Township Public Works Department has designated a drop-off site for residents looking to properly dispose used sandbags. Residents can drop off used sandbags at the Township Public Works site:
2015 Joshua Road
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

Shredding Days

The township hosts 2 shredding day events throughout the year, once in the spring and once in the fall, where residents can drop off old documents and forms to be disposed of properly and securely.

Visit the township Parks and Recreation special events page for details of upcoming shredding events.
Confidential Document Shredding

Campaign Signs Disposal

Following election season, the Township accepts campaign yard signs for recycling.  Please contact the Township in November for the 2022 dates.