Student Coalition

Plymouth Whitemarsh / Germantown Academy Student Coalition

 In 2010 the Whitemarsh Township Police Department developed a community coalition to aid in the prevention of hazardous decisions that are stereo-typically made by an alarming number of teenagers, including but not limited to alcohol / drug related incidents and vehicle-operator distractions such as texting and driving.

This program has created a partnership between students at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School and Germantown Academy in which an honest discussion about the prevalence of students' high risk behavior in the community, and the consequences of such action.

The coalition's goals include creating a community based dialogue about the problem of hazardous decision making and its consequences, creating programming and literature for area students, developing a mentoring program between high school and middle school students where student concerns about destructive decision making can be addressed in a safe environment, and reaching out to local businesses and officials to disseminate information about the danger of high risk behavior amongst the teen demographic and the local community.


2015-16 Coalition Projects;
  • Prom Season Awareness Assembly – Kathi Sullivan
  • “Don’t Stall – Just Call” Presentation w/ Mary Ciammetti
  • Mock Crash scene
  • Guest Presenters @ PA Liquor Control Board – Bureau of Alcohol Awareness Conference in Gettysburg
2014-15 Coalition Projects :
  • Prom Season Awareness Assembly – Christie Reinhardt from Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Patrol Alert to Reduce Underage Drinking
  • Campaign: Look Up - Focus on Your Future
2013-14 Coalition Projects :
  • Prom Season Awareness Assembly – Mark Sterner
  • Campaign – You Booze…You Cruise...You Lose
2012-13 Coalition Projects: 2011-12 Coalition Projects :
  • Texting and Driving Pledge Campaign
  • Campaign: Distraction You Can’t Afford – Buckle Up, Hang Up, Heads up, It All Adds Up
  • State Farm Project Ignition Tier 2
2010-11 Coalition Projects:
  • Public Service Announcement
  • Underage Drinking/Proactive Enforcement Patrols
  • Campaign - DNT TXT N DRV
  • State Farm Project Ignition Tier 1

Questions about the Student Coalition, please contact: Sgt. Brian Mack of the Whitemarsh Police Department.