Cop Camp

The Whitemarsh Police Department sponsors an interactive Cop Camp for 10- and 11-year-olds to be held at Police Headquarters in Lafayette Hill for 1 week each summer.

The entire program, including Official Cop Camp t-shirts and hats, is being provided free of charge to the participants of the camp. The camp is designed to encourage local adolescents to respect the law, stand up to peer pressure and avoid the many temptations affecting this impressionable age group.

Each day begins with exercise and military drill. New additions to the program include a bomb squad demo and cadets helping paramedics rescue victims of a mock auto accident followed by a Med-Evac helicopter dust off.


The camp will include police motorcycles, K-9 dogs, Crime Scene Detectives, Bike Patrols and a Hostage Rescue Team. Other hands-on events include radar speed checks and bicycle safety. Cadets will also man hose lines to put out real fires supervised by Barren Hill Fire Company.

The trainees will investigate crimes, gather evidence and "arrest" perpetrators. But it doesn’t stop there, the local District Judge will preside over a mock trial in District Court where the cadets will prosecute the case or defend the perpetrator in order to learn about our legal system.

Highlights of the week include a police obstacle course and daily outdoor cookouts.

The camp concludes with a multi-media show highlighting the week’s events and a swearing-in ceremony on Friday afternoon. The Police Chief will present Official ID cards, group photos and Diplomas. But more significantly, each Cadet leaves knowing every police officer on a first name basis.


Contact Sgt. Michael Kolar for more information.