2015 Subdivision & Land Development List

SLD # Project Name Location Description
01-15 VFW at Fort Washington 451 Bethlehem Pike Zoning Map and Text Amendment/Lot Line Change
02-15 St. Miriam Catholic Apostolic Church Church Road, Flourtown, PA Proposed New Church Building (Sketch Plan)
03-15 McNeil Consumer Healthcare 7050 Camp Hill Road Tanker Storage (Waiver of Land Development)
04-15 The Hill At Whitemarsh Thomas Road Exercise Room Addition (Waiver of Land Development)
05-15 Dr. M. Esther Smith 3048-3056 Butler Pike 6,030 sq.ft. 2-story Office Building (Sketch Plan)
02-03 Goodman Properties 160 Morris Road Lot Line Change (Re-Approval)
06-15 505A Germantown Pike Associates 505 1/2 Germantown Pike Zoning Map Amendment
07-15 903 Spring Mill Avenue Sandy Street 10 Townhouses (Sketch Plan)
08-15 St. Thomas' Church Whitemarsh 
Emily Carey Learning Center
7020 Camp Hill Road 5,228 sq.ft. 2-story Addition (Waiver of Land Development)
09-15 Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless 5175 Campus Drive 10,000 sq.ft. Addition to Existing Building
03-03 Ratoskey & Trainor - Barren Hill Road 150 Barren Hill Road 2-Lot Subdivision (Final Plans)
10-15 Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 815 Thomas Road Modifications to Existing Pool, Pool House (Waiver of 
Land Development)
11-15 Corson Estate 4006 Butler Pike 48 Townhouses (Sketch Plan)
12-15 60 Flourtown Road, LLC 60 Flourtown Road 1-Story Storage Garage
03-13 The Hill at Whitemarsh 4000 Fox Hound Drive 54 multi-family independent units & additional 
8 skilled nursing beds / 57 total dwelling units
13-15 5020 Butler Pike 5020 Butler Pike 2-Lot Subdivision (Prelim/Final)
07-08 Germantown Academy 340 Morris Road Expansion to the Field House, Turf Field & Parking
14-15 Whitemarsh Township 616 Germantown Pike Freestanding Floodplain Ordinance