Finished Basements Requirements

1. Completed building permit with required fee.
2. Show the estimated cost and permit fee on this application.
3. All areas shall be clearly identified.
4. Basements will require an approved egress window or door. 

5. Detailed construction plan indicating:

                - Square footage of improved area

                - Type of material used (walls & ceilings)

                - Fire stopping of wall/ceiling & concealed space

                - Mechanical room ventilation - isolation distances for appliance to be shown;
                            *specify fuel source for heater

                - Electrical plan - show location of breaker panel
                            *underwriter inspection required for any electrical work performed

                - Smoke detectors - 110 V / Battery backup in each area

                - Plumbing permit & drawings if applicable (sewer exit & water meter locations)

                - HVAC permit & drawings if applicable

                - Access panels to all mech. (e.g. valves, cleanouts, etc.)

                - Stairs must have guards / handrails

                - Door sizes - specify (2/8 min.) (2/6 for bath & closets)

                - Proposing to move lolly columns?

                - Structural improvement may / will require engineer seal
                - 7' Minimum ceiling height

6. All contractors should be registered with the Township and must provide insurance information.