Andorra Creek Floodplain Restoration Project

Whitemarsh Township was awarded a grant in the amount of $300,000 from the Watershed Restoration and Protection Program (WRPP) for the restoration of Andorra Creek, an impaired Commonwealth waterway.  

The project involves the following work starting at Evergreen Lane and extending about 500 feet downstream:

  1. Streambank, Floodplain and Riparian Buffer Restoration – Building a constructed wetland area (similar to that at McCarthy Park Basin).
  2. Installation of stormwater management collection, conveyance and storage control facilities – Installing new and larger storm sewer pipes in Evergreen Lane to serve as a basin slowing the water runoff in the area.
  3. Retaining wall construction – Building a new Redi-Rock wall where the storm sewer pipes discharge next to Evergreen Lane.
  4. Roadway paving and associated improvements – Re-installing the sidewalk and repaving the section of Evergreen Lane where the construction is taking place.

The project is nearing completion and should be substantially complete on or about December 2, 2016.  Since the fall planting season is over all tree and shrub planting will be completed in the Spring of 2017.

Update as of November 15, 2015: Recent activity includes completion of the Redi-Rock retaining wall, installation of the storm sewer system in Evergreen Lane and final grading activities in the stream channel.  Curb and sidewalk will be installed in the next week or two and the roadway paved soon thereafter.