Zoning Ordinance


The Township Zoning Ordinance divides the Township into Zoning Districts to accommodate various types of development and uses of land. Each zoning district has a list of permitted uses such as residential, apartments or commercial. If a use is not on the list for a specific zoning district, then that use is not allowed in that district.

Acceptable Use

There are some uses however that are not deemed acceptable for the entire district but may be appropriate under the right circumstances by special exception or conditional use. There are also some uses that are not listed in certain districts but have been in use before the adoption of the latest provisions of the Zoning Ordinance which may be grandfathered as a nonconforming use and therefore permitted to remain.

However, any special exceptions, variances and certain extensions for existing nonconforming uses must submit a Zoning Hearing Board Application to receive approval from the Zoning Hearing Board; conditional uses must receive approval from the Board of Supervisors. Those who need conditional use approval must submit a Conditional Use Application (pdf) to the Township.