Historical Architectural Review Board

Regular Meetings

  • 8:00 a.m.
  • The 2nd Wednesday of every month
  • Township Building
    616 Germantown Pike
    Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-1821

Whitemarsh Township Members

  • Jerry Rafter, Chair
  • Kenneth A. Parsons, AIA,(Architect) Vice-Chair
  • Tom Higgins (Real Estate Broker)
  • John Von Essen
  • Robert Sztubinski (Whitemarsh Township Building Code Official; voting member)

Plymouth Township Members:

  • Karen Coyne
  • Estelle Ronderos
  • Vacancy
  • Joel Rowe (Plymouth Township Zoning Officer; voting member)

Supervisor and Council Liaisons

  • Patrice Turenne (Whitemarsh Board of Supervisors)
  • Katherine Bandish (Plymouth Township Council)
Additional Information
The Historical Architectural Review Board is appointed to give counsel to the Board of Supervisors regarding the advisability of issuing any certificate of appropriateness required to be issued pursuant to the Historic District Act in the designated Plymouth Meeting Historic District which lies partially in Whitemarsh Township and partially in Plymouth Township.

The Historical Architectural Review Board is comprised of 9 members, 4 members are appointed by the Council of Plymouth township, 4 members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Whitemarsh Township and 1 member to be selected by the 8 municipal representatives. The 9th member may be a resident of either municipality. At least 1 member of the Historical Architectural Review Board must be a registered architect, 1 member must be a building inspector and at least 1 member must be a licensed real estate broker.

The member chosen by the 8 municipal appointees serves for 1-year period and the position is alternately filled by a resident of Plymouth township and a resident of Whitemarsh Township. All other members are appointed for terms of overlapping 4 years.

In addition to those duties and powers set forth in the Historic District Act, the Historical Architectural Review Board from time to time recommends to the Board of Supervisors changes in the map and otherwise guides the Board of Supervisors in its administration of the Historic District Regulations.

Design Review Guidelines for the Historical District
The Design Review Guidelines (PDF) are intended to serve as a framework for deciding the appropriateness of proposed changes to the structures and sites within the Historic District to preserve the historic integrity of the district. The guidelines are designed to inform district property owners about rehabilitation and maintenance techniques that respect the existing architectural fabric, to serve to enhance the owners' investments, and to increase public awareness of the architectural character of the historic district and the elements that contribute to it.

The guidelines for use within the Historic District of Plymouth and Whitemarsh Township correspond to 4 categories:
  • Demolition
  • New construction
  • Rehabilitation, renovation and maintenance of existing buildings
  • Signage
Historic District Map
The Historic District of Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships was established in 1961 and formally recognized in 1971. At that time, the Village of Plymouth Meeting was placed on the National Register of Historic Places with the Historic District supervised by a joint Historical Architectural Review Board. There are 66 buildings and structures in the Historic District, built primarily during the late-18th and 19th centuries.

The Historic District is an early Quaker village located on a prominent crossroad, at the intersection of Germantown Pike and Butler Pike. View the historic district map (PDF) online.

Any alternations to the exterior of any property or its environment that are designed to be visible from any public way within the designated historic district must be reviewed by the Historical Architectural Review Board. Any signs on a property that are designed to be visible from a public way within the historic district also requires review by the Historical Architectural Review Board.