There are 4 types of roads in Whitemarsh Township: state roads, county roads, township roads and private roads. Maintenance of the roads includes: line painting, signing, signaling, street sweeping, lighting, paving, plowing, drainage and other maintenance (potholes).

The following roads are state roads, owned and maintained by PennDot:
  • Germantown Pike
  • Butler Pike (South of North Lane)
  • Bethlehem Pike
  • Skippack Pike
  • Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Morris Road
  • Church Road
PennDot can be reached at 610-205-6700.
  • Joshua Road
  • Flourtown Road
  • Barren Hill Road
  • Cedar Grove Road
  • Stenton Avenue
  • Militia Hill Road
  • East Valley Green Road

Montgomery County

The following roads are County Roads, owned and maintained by Montgomery County:
  • Ridge Pike
  • Butler Pike (north of North Lane)
The Montgomery County Office of roads and bridges can be reached at 610-278-3613. To visit the Montgomery County Roads and Bridges Website, Click HERE.

Whitemarsh Township

All other roads (with the exception of private roads) within Whitemarsh Township are owned and maintained by the township. A comprehensive list of all township maintained roads can be found in the Township Code Book.

Private roads are owned and maintained by residents along these roads. Typically homeowners or civic associations collect fees to ensure these roads are maintained properly.


In addition to the paved portion of the roadway, the right-of-way (ROW) extends beyond the curb and sidewalk. The right-of-way provides access to pedestrians and motorists and provides areas for utilities such as gas, electric, water, communications and sewers. For more information on rights-of-ways, please check the Township Code Book.

All work performed within the right-of-way (ROW) of Township roads require a Road Occupancy Permit. Any work performed on a township road over, under or within the limits of a limited access state highway requires a state permit.

Snow Removal Information

The Township Public Works Department begins plowing township-owned roads when the snow depth reaches 3-4 inches, beginning with the primary, most-traveled roads in the township. See the snow removal page for more information.