Real Estate Taxes

All owners of taxable real property in Whitemarsh Township are subject to a real estate tax each year.

Taxing Jurisdictions

There are 3 taxing jurisdictions to which Whitemarsh Township property owners pay real estate taxes: Whitemarsh Township, Colonial School District and Montgomery County. The real estate tax is based on a millage rate levied each year by the respective governing bodies of those jurisdictions. For example, the Whitemarsh Township real estate tax is set by the Township Board of Supervisors in December each year as part of the annual budget process: the School tax is set each spring by the Colonial School Board of Directors; and the County tax is set each December by the Montgomery County Commissioners.

Tax Rates

The rates on which real estate taxes are paid are 2.0379 mills for Whitemarsh Township. One mill of real estate tax is equal to one dollar for each $1,000 of a property's assessed value. All real property in Montgomery County is assessed by the County's Board of Assessment at a rate of 100% of each property's assumed market value.

To calculate the real estate tax owed for a given year, multiply a property's assessed value by the millage rate (expressed as mills x 0.001). Thus, the owner of a property assessed at $200,000 would owe Whitemarsh Township $407 ($200,000 x 0.0020379).

Tax Discounts & Penalties

Residents who pay their current year's Township and County Real Estate Taxes by April 30 receive a 2% discount, while township and county taxes paid after June 30 are subject to a 10% penalty. If a Whitemarsh Township property owner does not pay their township and county taxes by December 31 of the year, these delinquent tax accounts are turned over to the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau and subject to lien. Taxes paid after December 31 of the year may be subject to an additional 5% fee, pursuant to County, Municipal, and School District Ordinances or Resolutions.

Keep in mind that the Colonial School District's Real Estate Taxes are due to the Colonial School District.  For information on where to pay, call Northeast Revenue at 484-681-9231.

Tax Collection

Under the Whitemarsh Township Home Rule Charter, the Township Finance Director is responsible for collecting the township's and county's real estate tax. For more information about your real estate tax bill, please contact the Finance Department at 610-825-3535.