Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the administration of activities pertaining to the receipt, expenditure, accounting, investment, custody and control of municipal funds and assets. The Finance Department performs the following functions:
  • Collects and receives all taxes and other moneys due or receivable by the township or authorizes other municipal or service units to do so under prescribed procedures
  • Develop all tax rolls, which are not prepared by other political subdivisions of the Commonwealth
  • Administer a system for the collection of municipal tax claims and liens in accordance with law
  • Maintain a uniform accounting system in accordance with the Pennsylvania State chart of accounts and generally accepted principles of governmental accounting
  • Prepare books and records in accordance with generally accepted principle of governmental accounting
  • Prepare and disburse all payments for authorized expenditures and payrolls
  • Deposit moneys in depositories authorized by the Board of Supervisors, consistent with generally accepted governmental financial practices
  • Provide for the prudent investment of moneys in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Assist in the preparation, maintenance and reporting of financial plans and budgets
  • Assist in the administration of the purchasing system and Township contracts
  • Advise the Township Manager and Board of Supervisors on Township fiscal matters
The department is headed by the Finance Director who also serves as the Tax Collector for the Township. Under contract with Montgomery County, the department also collects real estate taxes for Montgomery County.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights & Appeal Petition (Individual and Business Privilege Tax) 

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