File of Life

Would you be able to give an accurate summary of medical information for yourself or a family member in case of an emergency?

The large magnetic red folder is placed on the refrigerator with important and emergency contact information.  The small red folder is for your wallet, purse, or glove compartment.  Both red folders contain the same information and need to be updated accordingly.  Forms are free and available at the Township Building.  

The File of Life is an excellent tool for recording vital medical information ahead of time to help emergency personnel begin proper treatment as quickly as possible.

How the File of Life Works

The File of Life is a concise form for recording medical history, allergies and medications. The form is stored in a red folder with a magnet to be placed on the refrigerator, where emergency personnel know to look for it.  The File of Life provides a treatment guide to what may be wrong and gives a big clue how to best treat a patient. The File of Life is important for people without medical conditions also because knowing what they don’t have can be as important as what they do have.

If the information is there and it’s updated, with updated being the magic word, the File of Life is a great tool.  It is especially helpful for individuals living alone who may not be able to speak for themselves and for children who are allergic to bee stings or have peanut allergies. The information printed is kept confidential. It is shared only with other people involved in a patient’s care.  

For more information or to pick up your free File of Life kit, contact the township at 610-825-3535.
File of Life