Fire Marshal, Emergency Management and Township Emergency  Services 

Fire & Ambulance Services

First responders to emergency calls are crucial in any town. In addition to the Whitemarsh Township Police, there are Two volunteer Two volunteer fire companies and one EMS Squadcomprised of both paid and volunteer personnel expertly trained to provide life-saving help where and when needed.

In addition to putting out fires and aiding the sick or injured, we provide the community:

  • Smoke Alarms: The Fire Marshal and fire companies will evaluate your home for proper coverage of smoke alarms and install new ones if needed at no cost. 
  • Fire Extinguisher & Fire Safety training: The Fire Marshal and fire companies provide employee training to businesses, medical facilities, and schools. 
  • CPR/First Aid Training: Whitemarsh Community Ambulance Association provides training from lay person to medical profession in these lifesaving courses. 
  • Rescue operations and urgent communication services in major emergencies.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Become involved in your area's fire company or ambulance squad. All three companies are always looking for local residents that wish to volunteer and help their community. The respective organizations provide the necessary training to be a valuable asset to our community and perhaps start a new career. Residents and businesses can show their support by donating to the companies’ fund drives. Stay up to date by visiting their social media pages to see what community events are going on.

Emergency Management

The Whitemarsh Township Office of Emergency Management team consists of the Fire Marshal, Police Department, two local volunteer fire companies, Whitemarsh Community Ambulance Association, Public Works Department, and the Township Administration Department. The Office of Emergency Management is led by the appointed Emergency Management Coordinator. Together, the various departments within the township work to prepare, train for, respond to, mitigate, and recover from disasters of all magnitudes.

The Office of Emergency Management is proactive within the community, constantly evaluating and adapting to an ever changing landscape of today’s world for the safety of everyone living and working in the township.

Natural Gas Safety

Click here to view Natural Gas Safety information from PECO. If you smell a natural gas odor while inside or outside of your home, leave the home immediately and head to a safe spot outdoors where there is no smell. Then, report the odor to 9-1-1, as well as PECO (1-800-841-4141). 

Special Events Permits 

Anyone considering hosting or holding an event in the township should contact the Office of Emergency Management to see if it is a Special Event and requires a permit. 

A Special Event is defined as a parade, assembly, athletic event, street fair, art and craft show, carnival, soap box derby, rally, or other special event or activity that occurs on a Township street, sidewalk, alley or other street right-of-way and that obstructs, delays or interferes with the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic or does not comply with traffic laws and controls, but excluding a block party. The term "event" shall also include indoor or outdoor concerts, displays, fairs and athletic events occurring on private property and designed to attract large crowds such that the event will interfere with normal traffic flow.

Special Events require a permit submission and review by the township. The Office of Emergency Management and Police Chief review the Special Event to see if any additional resources are needed, what impact it could have on the community, and to ensure the event is compliant with local and state regulations.

View a tutorial video on the Special Events Permit process here.

Contact for Questions
If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Emergency Operations Plan, please contact the Emergency Services Management Administrator by telephone at 484-594-2614, or by email.

Special Needs Registry

The Special Needs Registry is an alert for Emergency Management Coordinators to identify individuals who would be unable to evacuate in a disaster situation is available to residents. This is a cooperative effort between Bucks, Chester, and Montgomery counties. Residents can sign up for the Special Needs Registry at the ReadyMontCo link provided below.


Residents are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade to the new system. The old system, ReadyNotify, is no longer active as of June 30, 2015.
 Watch the 
County video on how ReadyMontco works.
Whitemarsh Township Business Registry

The Office of Emergency Management plans and coordinates resources within the township in the event of an emergency. Business owners are encouraged to complete and submit the registry form (PDF) to the Emergency Services Management Administrator to obtain vital information during an emergency.